IELTS General Writing Task 1 Sample Semi Formal Letters

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IELTS General Writing Task 1 Sample Semi Formal Letters

Frequently Asked Questions

What are semi-formal letters?

A semi-formal letter is written to someone an individual knows by their name or with whom they have a professional or business relationship. It is also used in non-formal relationships, which require a polite and respectful approach, such as a teacher, accountant, landlord, etc

What is the structure of a semi-formal letter?

The structure of a semi-formal letter should include a title, explanation, 3 body paragraphs, a closing sentence, signing off, followed by the name

What language features should a test-taker use in semi-formal letters?

Language features of semi-formal letters are openings that are neither too formal nor too informal (e.g. ‘Dear…,’), closings that are neither too formal nor too casual (e.g. ‘Regards…’), the use of some more formal vocabulary (e.g. ‘receive’ rather than ‘get’), the use of more personal language, (e.g. '...the complaints we’ve received' instead of ‘...the complaints that have been received’), and the use of the words ‘suggest’ and ‘recommend’ to make suggestions instead of a more formal way, e.g. ‘May I suggest…’

What language features should a test-taker avoid while writing a semi-formal letter?

Language features that a test-taker should avoid in a semi-formal letter are languages that are too formal (e.g., very polite requests like ‘It would be greatly appreciated if...’), language that’s too informal (e.g., informal vocabulary like ‘moan’ instead of ‘complaint’), and language that should only be used in texts or on social media, e.g., shortened words like ‘convo’ rather than ‘conversation’.

What is the difference between informal and semiformal letters?

Informal letters are addressed to relatives and friends when the letter's subject is also informal. On the other hand, a semi-formal is a blend of both formal and informal where the subject matter is formal but is addressed to near ones or is partially formal.

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