Informal Letter: Definition, Format, & Examples

Informal Letter: Definition, Format, & Examples
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the things to remember while attempting an informal letter?

Informal letters are usually non-official letters. Some of the things that should be borne in mind when attempting an informal letter are that phrasal verbs, slang, idioms, colloquial expressions, contractions, and reductions can be used.

What is the format of the informal letter?

The format of an informal letter should include the address of the sender, date, address of the receiver, salutation/ greeting, body of the letter, conclusion, and signature of the sender.

What is the difference between informal and formal letters?

A formal letter is a business letter written in a professional manner with a specific format where the letter's intent is directly mentioned, whereas an informal letter is a personal letter written to close acquaintances or friends. The language used in an informal letter is casual and personal

Mention the types of informal letters

Some of the types of informal letters are inviting a buddy to a birthday/wedding party, apologizing to someone for a mistake, congratulating a friend/ colleague on their success, writing to seek about a family member's well-being, and requesting assistance from family members/ relatives/ close acquaintances

Is vocabulary important in an informal letter?

Of course! If the test-taker aims to get a high band score in the Writing Task 1, the requirements for 'Lexical Resource' are that they use a wide range of vocabulary to convey precise meanings and skillfully use uncommon lexical items, which means that they should avoid using very simple words and repeating the same words in their letter.

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