IELTS Informal Letter Example 10

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IELTS Informal Letter Example 10
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Nafia Zuhana is an experienced content writer and IELTS Trainer. Currently, she is guiding students who are appearing for IELTS General and Academic exams through With an 8.5 score herself, she trains and provides test takers with strategies, tips, and nuances on how to crack the IELTS Exam. She holds a degree in Master of Arts – Creative Writing, Oxford Brookes University, UK. She has worked with The Hindu for over a year as an English language trainer.

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Posted on May 23, 2022

A foreign friend of yours plans to visit your place and stay with you, but you do not have
time on that date. Give your friend another alternate date to come.
In your letter, you should:
apologize for it
explain why you will busy on that date
suggest to him/her an alternate time to come.

Dear Divya ,

I hope you are having a good time with Varun. It was so awkward to say an apology, despite being not there for your wedding. I know I had promised that I would be here in India whenever you come but I really apologize for the breach of promise.

I had already mentioned you before about my unannounced meetups in my office. Likewise, this time also they have planned an annual meetup in Goa. Although I did not want to attend the meetup, my bad I am assigned for the seminar. For sure I will be right back after the next week.

So in my opinion postpone the date a week later. Or else, come on the same day and have fun with Varun till I come back home then we will have fun together.

I hope you can understand my situation and revert me back as soon as possible.

Yours lovingly,


Glen Brown

Posted on May 24, 2022

Band Score: 5
Use prepositions correctly
Sentence structuring could be better

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