How To Boost Or Improve Your Vocabulary Score In IELTS ?

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How To Boost Or Improve Your Vocabulary Score In IELTS ?

Frequently Asked Questions

Describe some strategies for strengthening vocabulary

Some of the easiest strategies to bolster the existing word power are to add new words to the written vocabulary, develop a reading habit, use the dictionary and thesaurus, play word games, use flashcards, watch English movies or listen to radios, and use mnemonics

How much vocabulary is enough to prepare for IELTS?

In order to function effectively in an English-speaking country, an English learner or aspirant preparing for the IELTS must have a broad vocabulary of approximately 6,000 to 7,000 word families

What role does vocabulary play in the IELTS?

Having a strong English vocabulary is extremely important when it comes to scoring well in the IELTS exam. Vocabulary constitutes 25% of the score for the IELTS Writing and Speaking. It also contributes to performing well in the IELTS Listening and Reading sections.

Is there any vocabulary test for the IELTS?

No, there is no separate vocabulary test in IELTS. However, a wide range of vocabulary can help score well in the exam.

Mention some vocabulary words with the alphabet V.

Some of the vocabulary words with their synonyms for alphabet V are: Vanquish - Conquer, Verdict - result, Vast - huge, Versatile - all-rounder, Virtuous - moral, righteous, angelic, and Vary - differ.

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