IELTS Appearance & Personality Vocabulary : Useful Phrases & Expressions in IELTS Speaking

IELTS Appearance & Personality Vocabulary
IELTS Appearance & Personality Vocabulary

Today, I am about to share with you  some phrases and expressions about appearance and personality. I hope that this post will be useful for you.

Collocations and Phrases Describing Physical Appearance

1 .Youthful appearance : to look young 

Example: People always compliment on her youthful appearance.

2. Look young for your age : look younger for your age

Example: Her style of wearing makes her to look young for her age.


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3. To be getting on a bit : to be getting old

Example: Recent years, my parents have been getting on a bit.

4. To bear a striking resemblance to somebody : to look very similar

Example: Everyone often says that I bear a striking resemblance to my father, which I really proud of.

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5. To be good-looking : to be attractive

Example: She is the one I have a crush on who is really beautiful and good-looking.

6. To be well-built : to be muscular

Example: He has been working out for years, then he is well-built.

7. To be well-turned out : to look smart

Example: The guy who is wearing glasses and a yellow T-shirt is well-turned out.

8. To be overweight : to weigh more than is regarded as healthy 

Example: Overusing fast food can cause to some health problem such as being overweight.

9. Shoulder-length hair : hair that comes down to the shoulders and no further

Example: She has shoulder-length hair, and a bright smile. 

10. To lose one’s figure : to have a figure that has lost its toned shape

Example: Because she ate too much fast food recently, she lose her’s figure.

11. To get done up : to dress smartly

Example: Whenever she shows up in the public, she always get done up.

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Collocation and Phrases Describing Personality

1 . To be the life and soul of the party : a fun people, someone who is the center of activity

Example: He has always been  the life and soul of every party that he took part in.

2. To hide one’s light under a bushel : to hide one’s talents and skills

Example: I have to say that she is the type of person hiding her light under a bushel.

3. To lose one’s temper : to suddenly become angry

Example: Please leave before I lose my temper.

4. Good sense of humour : the ability to understand what is funny

Example: The guy has a good sense of humour, then he always is the life and soul of the party.

5. Trustworthy : can be trusted

Example: I have known her for many years, so I must say that she is a trustworthy person.

6. Self- confident : believes in one’s own ability or knowledge

Example: My sister is self-confident, and she always believes on herself even when she has to speak in front of lots of people.

7. Self-assured : confident

Example: I want to teach my children to be self-assured from early ages.

8. Introverted : Someone who is shy

Example: In my opinion, people who is introverted cannot be a good leader.

9. Extroverted : having a confident  character  and enjoying the company of other people

Example: She is extroverted, and she really like to interact with other people.

10. Easy- going : relaxed and not easily worried about anything

Example: She is easy-going, and she never lost her temper.

11. To bend over backwards : to try very hard to help someone

Example: Peter has always bend over backwards to help me out whenever I am in trouble.

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IELTS Speaking Part 1 :

How would you describe yourself ?

I would say I am extroverted. I mean I really like to hang out with my friend in the weekends whenever I have spare time.

Are you similar to your brother(s)/ sister(s) ?

I believe that we are quite similar. We are both kinds of people who can be the life and soul of the party. What I mean is we can make people laugh a lot in every parties that we join in.

IELTS Speaking Part 2 :

Describe a person in your family who you admire. You should say

  • What his/her relationship is to you?
  • What he/she has done in your life?
  • What he/she does now?
  • and explain why you admire this person so much.

Sample Answer :

Today I would like to share with you one of my family member that I always take pride in. This is my older sister, who currently is working as a sale woman in a multinational company.

As a sale person, the appearance is really important to her, so whenever she shows up in the public, she constantly gets done up. Also, due to her slim figure, it is very easy for her to choose clothes. Normally, she wears jeans with white shirts, but when it is necessary, she suits up for formal events. Then I think all of this helps her to stand out in a crowd, and draw attention from other people.

Not only she is a successful businesswoman, but also she spends a part of her time to take care of me. From I was a little child, she was like my best friends, we shared laugh and happiness together. And when I was in trouble, she will consistently be there for me and help me out.  

All of this makes me admire her so much, and I have always wanted to be a person like her who is really succeeded in career that she chose to pursue.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 :

Is it important to dress well whenever we go out ?

It depends. If you go on an important date, you should get done up, because it shows that you respect the people who you go out with. But when you hang out with your mate, you can where casual clothes what makes you comfortable.

Which personality do you think we most want to pass on to our children ?

I think it would be honesty, because this is essential in every situation. For example, honesty is the foundation of a good friendship. If you are dishonest, you cannot be trustworthy. Also children should be self-assured and self-confident, which could help them a lot in their lives.

Which personality do you think are less likely to suffer from stress or anxiety ?

Easy-going, I think. These people will barely lose their temper and always stay calm when they face difficult situation. This will allow them to barely suffer from turmoil.

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