20 Collocations to Increase Your Word Power in IELTS Writing

20 Collocations to Increase Your Word Power in IELTS Writing - Part 1
20 Collocations to Increase Your Word Power in IELTS Writing - Part 1

It is noticeable that IELTS learners often face difficulties when it comes to collocations which can be defined as the natural combination of words or the correct arrangement of words in a sentence. Regards IELTS Writing Task 2, IELTS test takers should make the most of collocations to ace the IELTS Writing test. This means IELTS learners shouldn’t learn individual words by themselves and should focus on what other words they are used with.  The very first article about collocations on this website will equip you with 20 useful collocations to build up your vocabulary & maximize your IELTS score.

It is widely acknowledged that collocations play an important role in second language learning, particularly at the intermediate and advanced levels. Collocations enhance improvement of learners’ oral communication, listening comprehension, and reading speed, and that teaching collocation enables learners to be aware of language chunks used by native speakers in speech and writing.

Here are 20 collocations that you can use to improve your essay in IELTS Writing Task 2 

1-To play/have a(n) important/key/vital/crucial role in (doing) sth:  to play an important part in sth

  • University education plays a crucial role in improving the quality of human workforce.

2-To make significant/substantial/valuable/ great/outstanding contribution to sth

  • The medical advances have made outstanding contributions to the public’s health care.

3-To solve the problem

  • Whoever created this problem should solve it.

4-To be key factors influencing something

  • The number of the vehicles used is the key factors influencing pollution.

5-To reap the benefits (of sth) – gain benefit from something/ make the most of something

  • The customers reap the benefits of globalization.

6- To be a contributing factor:  to be one of the main causes of sth

  • The vaccination program has been a contributing factor in the improvement of health standards.

7-To contribute to sth

  • Alcohol contributes to 100,000 deaths a year in the US.

8-To gain/derive benefit (from sth)

  • Many students derived enormous benefit from the course.

9-To have a right to do sth = to be entitled to do sth

  • Everyone should have the right to freedom of expression.
  • Full-time employees are entitled to receive health insurance.

10-To benefit greatly/enormously/considerably … from sth

  • Many thousands have benefited considerably from the new treatment.

11-To have/enjoy/achieve a huge/great success in doing sth

  • We want all our students to achieve a huge success in the exam

12- To launch a full-scale investigation into sth

  • The authorities are planning to launch a full-scale investigation into the crash.

13- To meet the need of/demand

  • The charity exists to meet the needs of elderly people.

14-To fulfil a role/duty/function/ an aim/a goal/an objective/dream/ambition/hope

  • Visiting Disneyland has fulfilled a boyhood dream.

15-To fulfil a requirement/condition/obligation

  • Britain was accused of failing to fulfill its obligation under the EU Treaty.

16-To fulfil a promise/pledge = to keep a promise

  • I’d like to see him fulfill his promise to reorganize the army.

17-To satisfy sb’s needs/demands/desires/requirements

  • The program is designed to satisfy the needs of adult learners.

18-To have/gain knowledge/understanding of sth

  • The need to gain knowledge about birth control.

19- To have/make common cause (with/against)

  • S officials expect other Western governments to make common cause with them over the arrests.

20- To cause somebody to do something

  • What caused you to change your mind ?
20 Collocations to Increase Your Word Power in IELTS Writing
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