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Find out what our students from around the world think about us. Our student first approach throughout the years has helped us develop not just strategies and techniques to help you get your desired band score but also help students look beyond the exam to conquer their fears in communicating freely and confidently with English. Our testimonials and reviews for online classes, courses and eBooks testify to the quality of content we deliver.

Our Students

First Job

Ankur Gupta

Job Guarantee Program

         I have joined GetSkilld’s job assurance business communication skills program for marketing and sales professionals. I was initially a little skeptical about the program, but it ended up offering me the opportunities of a lifetime. With GetSkilld I have learnt a great deal of important business communication skills which are needed to land a job in the marketing and sales department. In GetSkilld I have learnt the skills to crack interviews and strike up better relationships with clients and co-workers. GetSkilld has offered me multiple offers and helped me with great precision during the preparation for the interview. GetSkilld helped a lot and yes they did give me a job as I am currently working as a sales executive in a well-known company.

Team Leader

Avinash Seth

Crash Course

         Public speaking is a huge part of the corporate world. If you have proper speaking skills, you will rise higher and quicker. I was always apprehensive about taking up roles where I had to lead others and exercise responsibility due to poor communication skills. This course has shown me how to methodically develop my public speaking skills and how to use these skills properly in relevant situations.


R. Subbu

Mastery Course

         As you know, in the medical profession, communication is of utmost importance. Although I can speak English, I lacked the confidence to speak in front of anyone, especially strangers. This resulted in a drop in the number of visitors as they felt I couldn’t understand them (one of my regular patients informed me). But, with this course, I not only gained ideas to interact voluntarily but also learnt some business tips which have come in handy for me. So, I am really grateful to GetSkilld for including myriads of topics in one course, which will help a range of professionals who invest in it. I would also like to suggest you guys, who are reading my words, to take up this course if you have difficulties like me, irrespective of your profession.


Vaishali Bhargava

Extensive Course

         Believe me when I say that GetSkilld will make your days better! I belong to a Sales background and so it was naturally expected from me that I will be able to pitch in and lure in a large number of clients. But, I had a quick temper and my ability to persuade people was null, which affected my targets. The business communication course by GetSkild made me realize my shortcomings and also taught me various ways to handle them. Though I am still short-tempered, I guess I need anger management for that. Now I can coax clients and I have improved my sales numbers.

30% Hike

Arun Aggarwal

Crash Course

         Writing skills are vital during job hunting. My writing skills have always been substandard due to a lack of proper knowledge and practice. After attending the lessons on writing skills and how to effectively use them for better communication, I was able to understand and recognize the elements of effective writing that needed more focus. I also received better feedback after incorporating the CV-building skills I learned during this course.


Shashank Singh

Crash Course

         I used to be a reserved individual who rarely engaged in office conversations and lunchtime gossip. The lack of proper communication skills felt like a handicap in the workplace. However, this course has allowed me to overcome those hurdles and communicate more comfortably in the workplace by improving my English language and business communication capabilities. Now, I am able to speak more openly and correctly in front of my colleagues and peers.

35% Hike

Ramesh Singh

Extensive Course

         Acquiring English language skills only from Spoken English Classes and a few online crash courses, my knowledge was quite restricted. I used to feel left out during conversations among colleagues and other peers. After joining this course, I feel like I have been introduced to numerous different aspects of English that I was unaware of before. Learning about more jargon, communication norms and techniques has truly developed my ability to communicate more effectively. This also helped me in switching my job to my dream company with my desired hike.

First Job

Shruti Mangal

Job Guarantee Program

         Proper grammar is essential when writing and speaking English. My improper use of grammar often led to obstacles in both student and professional life. After enrolling and attending the personalized classes offered by this course, I was able to elevate my grammar skills to a significantly higher level. Using proper grammar while speaking and writing opened several doors for me and I was able to take advantage of all these opportunities.


Kasturika Purwa

Extensive Course

         Due to being a shy and soft-spoken person, I have never been able to express myself clearly to people. However, that changed as soon as I understood the areas I needed to improve to become a better orator and a communicator. This course has helped me discover these key areas which can make even a self-conscious individual like me into a better English speaker and get promoted to Manager.

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