Bring Something To Bear – Idiom Of The Day For IELTS

IOTD - to bring something to bear

Bring Something To Bear (+On) – Idiom Of The Day For IELTS

Definition: to use something to achieve a result; to use influence, arguments, or threats in order to change a situation; to cause (something) to have an effect or influence


  • Strict punishments should be brought to bear as deterrents for such disobedient behaviors.
  • Conservationists are actively bringing media pressure and public attention to bear on the demand of a sound policy to protect endangered species.
  • The management team had had some reservations on how much influence the new policy could bring to bear. Surprisingly, the majority of employees were on board with it.

Disobedient (a): failing or refusing to obey

Deterrent (n): a thing that makes somebody less likely to do something (= that deters them)

Conservationist (n): a person who takes an active part in the protection of the environment

Sound (a): good and thorough

Endangered (a): (used about groups of animals, plants, etc.) at risk of no longer existing

Reservation (n): a feeling of doubt about a plan or an idea

Be on board with: supporting something

IELTS Practice Speaking

What can governments do to protect the environment?

Generally speaking, many governments have already taken action to improve environmental quality and diversity. Some of those are issuing laws and regulations as well as raising community awareness regarding environmental issues. Take Singapore, which is well-known for its insane cleanliness and sense of civilization, for instance. Some strict punishments have been brought to bear on protecting this country’s tidiness. If anyone, either intentionally or not, litters so much of a cigarette butt or candy wrapper, he will be fined $300 for the first time and the much higher for larger pieces of trash.

  • Take action: to do something
  • Diversity (n): the state of being diverse; variety
  • Issue (v): to start a legal process against somebody, especially by means of an official document
  • Civilization (n): a state of human society that is very developed and organized
  • Litter (v): to leave things in a place, making it look untidy

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