Bull In A China Shop – Idiom Of The Day For IELTS

idiom of the day Bull In A China Shop

Bull In A China Shop  – Idiom Of The Day For IELTS Speaking.


To be extremely clumsy


“Whenever Roy is in the kitchen he breaks something, so his mother say that he’s like a bull in a china shop!”

“I never know what to sayat a funeral. I feel like a bull in a china shop, trampling on feelings without even meaning to.

Lester felt like a bull in a china shop; reaching for an orange, he made several elaborate pyramids of fruit tumble down.


  1. Choose the suitable idiom to complete the sentence below.
    Her living room, with its delicate furniture and knickknacks, made him feel like ____________________ 
    A. a bull in china shop
    B. his bark is worse than his bite
    C. hit and run
    D. had chemistry
  2. Describe a first time you played a sport. Try to use this idiom in your speech. You should say:
    – What the sport was
    – When it happened
    – What did you do to play this sport
    And explain why you liked or disliked about this sport
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