Cut Corners – Idiom of the Day for IELTS Speaking


Cut Corners – Idiom of the Day for IELTS Speaking

Have you heard a native speaker used this common idiom? If the answer is “Yes” and you don’t know what it really means, this post would help you to familiarise with this intriguing idiom. 

Definition :

To save money by reducing the quality, especially in the bad way.

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Example :

” The food is terrible since they have cut corners.

“I don’t want to hire him because he usually cuts corners.

” The product’s quality of a company is decreasing which result from they cut corners in this year.”

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Exercise :

  1. Which is the correct sentence ?

A. The company wastes a lot of money because they have to cut corners.
B. The food company cuts corners by discharging a huge amount of untreated wastes into rivers instead of installing the waste treatment systems.
C. The CEO want to increase the product’s quality by cutting corners.

  1. What is the meaning of “cut corners”?

A. To go to corners.
B. To save money by reducing the quality.
C. To get lost.

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