Eat the Humble Pie – Idiom of the Day for IELTS Speaking

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Eat the Humble Pie – Idiom of the Day for IELTS Speaking

Definition :

To accept you were wrong in humiliating circumstances.

Example :

“The producers of the advert had to eat humble pie and apologise for misrepresenting the facts.”

“The football team have to eat humble pie after losing the match with a terrible score.”

“Don’t be arrogant. I hope you would eat humble pie after you realise you were wrong.”

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Exercise :

  1. The sentence given below contains an idiom. From the given alternatives, choose the one that best expresses the meaning of this idiom.In the end, he had to eat the humble pie.a) defend himself vigorously.
    b) apologise humbly.
    c) adopt an aggressive attitude.
    d) none of these.

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  2. Choose the suitable idioms to complete the sentence below.
    The CEO have to …………. and apologise to the customers for the low product’s quality when his company has …………..
    a) cut corners/ bone of contention.
    b) eat humble pie/the last straw.
    c) eat humble pie/ cut corners.
    d) get the picture / out of the blue.
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