Head In The Clouds – Idiom Of The Day For IELTS


Head In The Clouds – Idiom Of The Day For IELTS Speaking.


Lost in thought, daydreaming


“Instead of working, Sara’s head is always in the clouds and no one knows what she is dreaming about.”

“Bob, do you have your head in the clouds?”asked the teacher.”

He’s an academic. They’ve all got their heads in the clouds.


  1. Choose the suitable idiom to complete the sentence below.
    She walks around all day with  ________________________. She must be in love.
    A. out on a limb
    B. eyes in the back of their head
    C. beauty is in the eye of the beholder
    D. her head in the clouds
  2. Describe a wish that you had when you was small. Try to use this idiom in your speech. You should say:
    – What the wish was
    – Did you make it come true
    – Who helped you to do it
    And explain why you wished that

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