Hit And Run – Idiom Of The Day For IELTS

idiom of the day HIT AND RUN

Hit And Run  – Idiom Of The Day For IELTS Speaking.


an accident where the driver who caused the accident leaves the scene of the accident, to escape punishment


“They caught the hit and run driver because someone saw his license number and called the police.”

“He went to prison for hit and run.”

Luckily, a more concentrated police presence near busy intersections has cut down on the number of hit-and-runs over the past two years”


  1. Choose the suitable idiom to complete the sentence below.
    Police are appealing for witnesses to help identify the ________________ driver of this morning’s fatal accident.
    A. took a bow
    B. throwing money down the drain
    C. hit and run
    D. a cash-flow problem
  2. Describe an accident that you have seen. Try to use this idiom in your speech. You should say:
    – What the accident was
    – When it happened
    – Who was involved in this accident
    And explain how did you feel about that
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