Idiom – Buckle down - idiom of the day for ielts speaking - idiom of the day for ielts speaking

Buckle down – Idiom of the Day for IELTS Speaking


Tackle a task with determination


If you don’t buckle down to IELTS, you’ll sabotage your IELTS score. Therefore, you had better buckle down and get down to learning it as hard as possible.


A. Complete the following sentences by filling in the appropriate idioms.

at all costs                 had his heart set on                               eager beaver

beyond their wildest dreams                        buckle down

1. From an early age, Tiger _____________ becoming a professional golfer.
2. The students received a grant from the school director that was ______________.
3. The new manager has never been late nor absent from work. He’s a real ___________!
2. You’ll have to ____________ and do some serious work if you want to pass all your exams.
4. The journalist was really brave. He’s determined __________to get a report from dangerous zones.

B. Make sentences using the learned idiom & write it down in the comment box below

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