Idiom – Cut Class - idiom of the day for ielts speaking - idiom of the day for ielts speaking

Cut Class – Idiom of the Day for IELTS Speaking


to skip a school class | not go to school without excuse


  • If she cuts class more than 4 times, she‘ll fail the course.
  • My friend decided to cut class for 4 days to go to France with her parent. 


B. Complete the following sentences by filling in the appropriate idioms.

     bookworm                  cut class                           catch up to  
         learned by heart                            as easy as ABC

1. My sister is a __________ and reads at least 5 books a day.
2. My friend decided to __________in order to attend her sister’s birthday party.
3. Teacher Dim says she _________ all of the songs _________.
4. Navigating the computer is _________ for the children.
5. She was absent for a month so she needs to _________the rest of the class.

B. Make sentences using the learned idiom & write it down in the comment box below

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