Idiom – As easy as ABC of the day easy as abc of the day easy as abc

As easy as ABC – Idiom of the day for IELTS Speaking


extremely easy or straightforward


Some people reckon that learning a brand new language is as easy as ABC, but it is so challenging for me to become a bilingual person.


A. Match the idioms in column A with their meanings in column B.

1. bookworm 

2. cut class 

3. learn by heart 

4. as easy as ABC

5. catch up to 

a. to move fast or work hard to reach someone or something that is ahead of you

b. someone who reads a lot

c. very easy

d. to learn or memorize something without thinking about it

e. to not go to class

B. Make sentences using the learned idiom & write it down in the comment box below

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