Idiom – Put one’s cards on the table - idiom of the day for ielts speaking - idiom of the day for ielts speaking

Put one’s cards on the table – Idiom of the Day for IELTS Speaking


Be open and honest about your feelings and intentions


  • I thought it was time I laid my cards on the table, so I told her that I had no intention of being her lover.
  • I think we should lay our cards on the table and speak very candidly about this matter.


  1. Match the idioms in column A with their meanings in column B.
    1. sweeten the deal                        a. to risk everything to get something in return
    2. rock-bottom                               b. to add something to an offer to make it more attractive
    3. put one’s cards on the table    c. use one’s best resources
    4. play its ace                                  d. to be honest and transparent in negotiations
    5. go for broke                                e. the lowest price that a negotiating party is willing to give for something
  2. Make sentences using the learned idiom and write it down in the comment box below
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  • Sweeten the deal – He further sweetened the deal by providing the complimentary meal with hotel stay.
    Rock bottom – I hit rock bottom this year with such poor marks in Maths.
    Play its ace – My manager played his ace by giving me promotion at very last moment when I was about to resign from the organisation.
    Go for broke – You have to go for broke in order to achieve good marks in Maths.
    Put one’s card on the table – He laid my cards on table when I told my manager that I am finally going to resign from my role.

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