IELTS Listening Practice Test 5 – Solution

Listening IELTS Practice Test 05 - solution

Section 1Section 2
1. C11. South Sea islands
2. next Monday12. market research
3. C13. Opera house
4. 914. C
5. Thursday15. bear
6-8. Blood pressure, standard blood,16. B
urine, cholesterol levels, ECG,17. 500 feet
checking for diabetes, heart18. Greek
disease (any three of these)19. Mexican
9. 805 523 029620. Melbourne
10. Rebecca
Section 2Section 3
21-23. A, C, E (in any order)31&32. C, E ( in any order)
24. Social Studies33. ‘type’ of advertising
25. personalities34. right message
26. B35. A
27. A36. these products
28&29. B, C (in any order)37. brewery
30. nervous breakdowns38. Grandad’s Old Ale
39. message
40. list

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