IELTS Listening Practice Test 66

IELTS Listening Practice Test 66


Questions 1-10

Complete the form below.


Example:                            ClearPoint Telephone Company
                                                       Customer Order Form

Order taken by:                        Ms. Jones

Name:                                         Harold 1____________

Address:                                      2______________ Fulton Avenue, apartment 12

Type of service:                         3______________

Employer:                                  Wrightsville Medical Group

Occupation:                               4______________

Work phone:                             5______________

Time at current job:                6______________

Special services:                       7______________   8______________

Installation scheduled for      Day 9___________ Time of day 10_______________


Questions 11-14

Choose the correct letter, A, B, or C

11 The fair will take place at the

A Fairgrounds.
B park.
C .school.

12 The fair will begin on Friday

A morning.
B afternoon.
C evening.

13 The fair will begin with a

A parade.
B dance performance.
C speech by the mayor.

14 There will be free admission on

A Friday.
B Saturday.
C Sunday.

Questions 15 – 20

Complete the chart below.

Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD for each answer.

Saturday afternoon15_______________ show
Saturday evening16_______________ by the lake
Sunday afternoon17_______________ contest
All weekend18_______________ food

19_______________ for children

20_______________ for sale


Questions 21—23

Complete the information below.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

How to get academic credit for work experience

First, read the 21______________ . Find courses that match your work experience. Then write 22__________of your work cxperience. Submit that together with a letter from your 23_____________to the university admissions office.

Questions 24—28

Where can the items listed below be found?

A admissions office
B counseling center1
C library

Write the correct letter, A, B, or C, next to questions 24—28.

24. university catalog                                            ______

25. application for admission form                    ______

26. requirements list                                             ______

27. recommendation forms                                 ______

28. job listings                                                        ______

Questions 29 and 30

Choose the correct letters, A, B, or C.

29. What are full-time students eligible for?

A. Discounted books
B. The work-study program
C. A free bus pass

30. How can a student get financial assistance?

A. Speak with a counselor
B. Apply to the admissions office
C. Make arrangements with a bank


Questions 31-35

Complete the chart with information about the black hear.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

RangeLives in 31________________of North America
DietNinety percent of diet consists of 32___________

Also eats 33______________

CubsBaby bear cubs are born in 34 __________________
Life spanBlack bears live for about 35______________in the wild.

Questions 36-40

Which characteristics fit black bears and which fit grizzly bears?

Write A if it is a characteristic of black bears. Write B if it is a characteristic of grizzly bears.

36. Has a patch of light fur on its chest ________

37. Weighs 225 kilos __________

38. Has a shoulder hump _________

39. Has pointed cars _________

40. Has shorter claws ___________

Answer keys:

1. Kramer
2. 58
3. residential
4. office manager
5. 637-555-9014
6. nine years
7. long distance
8. Internet
9. Friday
10. morning
11. B
12. C
13. B
14. A
15. down
16. concert
17. singing
18. international
19. games
20. crafts
21. university catalog
22. a summary
23. work supervisor
24. C
25. A
26. B
27. A
28. C
29. B
30. A
31. forested area
32. plant foods
33. insects/fish
34. the winter
35. twenty-five years
36. A
37. B
38. B
39. A
40. A


The texts below are transcript for your IELTS Liste. ning Practice Test. To make the most out of this transcript, we removed some words from the texts and replaced with spaces. You have to fill each space with the missing word by listening to the audio for this IELTS listening practice test. 

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