IELTS Listening Practice Test 88

IELTS Listening Practice Test 88
IELTS Listening Practice Test 88

In the Listening Test 88, you will hear 4 audio recordings and answer questions 1-40 based on them.

Section 1 is a telephone conversation between a man and a real estate agent.

Section 2 is a talk on an organization called worldwide student project.

Section 3 is a conversation between 2 students discussing the various club and trying to choose one.

Section 4 is a lecture on Tourism.


Section 1

Questions 1-10

Questions 1-7

Complete the form below.

Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS or A NUMBER for each answer.


Property to rent

Type of property: 1………………………………….
Architectural type:  2 storey
Address:     3281 2……………………………….., Richmond, British Columbia.
Monthly rent: $700 3……………………………….. plus $ 30 for 4………………………………..
View of: 5………………………………..
The landlord’s information  
Name:  6………………………………..
Address: as above
Telephone: 7………………………………..
Cell phone:    903 2773987

Questions 5-10

Circle TWO letters A-E.

8. Which of the following does the kitchen contain?

A. dishwasher

B. washing machine

C. dryer

D. gas stove

E. microwave

9. Which of the following does the house have?

A. a swimming pool

B. air conditioning

C. central heating

D. a games room

E. a fireplace

10. Which amenities are nearby?

A. the university

B. a shopping mall

C. a park

D. a sport centre

E. a movie theatre

IELTS Listening ebook cta

Section 2

Questions 11-20

Question 11

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for your answer.

11. What does WSP aim to promote?__________________

Questions 12-17

Complete the table showing details of the projects.

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS or A NUMBER for each answer.


S = Short-term

M = Medium-term

L = Long-term

Country Period Project Special information
Japan S village 12___________ basic knowledge of Japanese required
Poland 13____________ renovating a children’s holiday center  
Mexico S sea turtle conservation accommodation in school with 14____________
China 15____________ architecture; planning and design US $ 16____________ on arrival
India M provide medical care for 17___________ children  

Questions 18-20

Complete the flowchart.

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

You complete an application form and send it with 18_____________________

We send a “Welcome Pack” with:

general information

formal 19________________

a questionnaire.

We use the questionnaire to match you to your job.

20_________________ before departure we send full detail of your placement.

Also check :

Section 3

Questions 21-30

Questions 21-30

Complete the table below as you listen.

Write A NUMBER or NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS to fill each space.

Name  What is it? Need people to
Grapevine   21________________
  • write features
  • 22________________
  • proofread
  • 23________________
Concrete   24________________
  • 25________________
  • organize
Livewire   26________________ work in all areas of radio broadcasting
Nexus UTV student TV station
  • act
  • direct programmes
  • 27______________
  • be comedians
Notice Board   28_________________
  • 29______________
  • produce the magazine
Student Web website
  • 30_______________
  • do graphics
  • write articles


Section 4

Questions 31-40

Questions 31-40

Complete the summary below.

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Both social factors and the development of 31__________________ have been important in the growth of tourism. It would appear that how much 32________________ a country possesses is the main factor in whether its people will travel widely. Most tourists today are from the 33________________ world, but their populations are levelling off. Soon there will be an increase in the number of older tourists, who will be less likely to want to go 34_________________ and will probably prefer alternatives such as trips to 35__________________.

Questions 36-40

Complete the tables below.

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Types of Tourism Technological Breakthrough
modern tourism    jet plane
first package tour 36________________
new booking method 37________________
Destination Attraction
Ireland in the past countryside
Ireland today 38________________
Crystal City, USA broccoli ( a vegetable)
Gilroy, USA 39________________
Stratford, Canada 40________________


Section 1

1. (modern) (family) house

2. Number One/No. 1 Road

3. per room

4. (the) cleaner/cleaning

5. (over) (the) ocean

6. Peter Truboise

7. 6047 4106

8. A, E

9. C, D

10. B, C

Section 2

11. international understanding

12. improvement

13. M

14 (very)basic conditions

15. L

16. 250

17. disabled

18. (a) passport photo

19. terms and conditions

20. 1/A/One month

Section 3

21. (a) student magazine

22. sell advertising

23. take photographs

24. (a)newspaper

25. edit

26. student radio station

27. read the news

28. (a) magazine

29. write articles

30. write websites

Section 4

31. technology

32. wealth

33. developed

34. skiing

35. art galleries

36. (the) railway

37. (the) Internet

38. literature/writers

39. garlic

40 .drama (festival)

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