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In a Pickle – Idiom of the day for the IELTS Speaking test

Meaning: in a difficult situation


  • Last week we were  in a pretty pickle. We were late for the assignment deadline so we were punished by our teacher
  • He thinks the media are responsible for his being in such a pickle


  1. Read the situations and choose the best response. Circle a or b.
    I’ve been late for work twice this week, and my boss wants to see me this afternoon.
    a. You’re in a pickle, aren’t you?
    b. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

        This exercise isn’t very hard, is it?
         a. No, not at all. It’s a piece of cake.
         b. No, not really. It’s in a pickle.

      2. Answer these questions about yourself. Explain your answers.
         When was the last time you were in a pickle? What did you do?


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