Knock one’s socks off – Idiom for IELTS Speaking

Knock one’s socks off – Idiom of the day for IELTS Speaking

Meaning: amaze or impress someone


  • That I got a 8.0 for the IELTS test knocks my friend’s socks off.
  • The exciting article about how I got a fully funded scholarship just knocked readers’ socks off!


Mrs. Robinson expects Cassie and my presentation to be good, but we have been working on it every night for the last week, so we are really going to knock her socks off.           

  1. Cassie and the speaker are not prepared to give a good presentation.
  2. Cassie and the speaker intend on hitting Mrs. Robinson rather than presenting.
  3. Cassie and the speaker’s presentation will far exceed Mrs. Robinson’s expectations.
  4. Cassie and the speaker’s presentation will meet Mrs. Robison’s expectations.

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