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The IELTS Listening map labeling is usually in Section 2 of the test, but there are chances that you’ll get a map in any of the sections.  

For the IELTS Listening map labeling section, you hear a monologue. It is usually a map related to some tours. You’ve to connect the information that you hear in the listening audio to the blanks on the map.

Sometimes, you are provided with a list of words, and you have to choose the correct name to fit in the map. Other times, there are no words, and you would have to listen to the audio keenly and answer the questions.  

The map below is an example of the second type – no list of words are given, so you have to identify them yourself. 

Before you begin answering the question below, pay attention to the words which might give you an idea of the location of the room. Here is a simple list of words that you’ll need for IELTS Listening map labeling.

  • At the top / at the bottom
  • On the left / on the right
  • Left-hand side / right-hand side
  • South / North / East / West
  • Southeast / Southwest / Northeast / Northwest
  • To the north / the south / the east / to the west
  • Opposite / in front of / behind
  • In the middle / in the center
  • Above / below
  • Inside / outside
  • Just beyond / a little beyond / just past
  • Next to / alongside / adjoining (= next to or joined with)

Map Labelling Example:

Listen to this audio and write the correct letter A-H, next to questions 16-20. 

map label

  1. Box office ________
  2. Children’s room ________
  3. Café _______
  4. Multimedia room ________
  5. Showroom ________

Did you get them, right? Check the answers below:


  1. C
  2. B
  3. E
  4. H
  5. G

How did you identify the rooms? What kind of language led you to the answers?

Let’s take a look at the audio script:

I am delighted to show you the plans for a proposed new extension to the reception area. Please turn your attention to the project in front of you. If you enter through the entrance doors and go around the shop corner, you will find on your left the new box office. From this position, the box office manager can both sell tickets and ensure that no visitors can enter the museum without paying. From here, if you walk towards the door on the far left, you will come across on your way, a children’s room where visitors can leave their children to play whilst they explore other spectators. Directly to the right to the children’s room is when we originally intended to locate the café, but we felt that it would be better placed in the bottom right corner of the plan where we can create a more intimate atmosphere. Due to generous donations, we now have the available funds to build a fantastic new multimedia room where visitors will have access to computers, cameras, and TVs. This exciting new space will be in the top right corner but it is safely away from the entrance doors. Finally, the showroom will be built in the top left corner directly opposite the new multimedia room. I hope that you are all as excited about these new spaces as I am. Now that I am finished, I would be happy to answer any questions.

Given in red is the language of location – with these words, you were able to identify the exact location of the rooms. 

Given in purple are the places that can be used for reference to locate the rooms on the map. It will help you identify the location on the map.

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