IELTS Listening Map Labelling

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IELTS Listening Map Labelling
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5 Must Complete IELTS Listening Practice Tests

Frequently Asked Questions

How to answer Map Labelling questions?

In order to answer Map Labelling type of questions in the IELTS Listening test, listen to the audio carefully, read the instructions and labels, and visualize the map diagram. The answers will come in the same order in the recording as they're listed in the question. Ensure to answer with a single letter or word, or phrase with correct grammatical sense

Name some vocabulary of direction

Common vocabulary of directions are "turn right, go past, turn left, head south, go straight on, and northwest". These vocabularies will help the test-taker visualize the area and directional arrows on the map

Mention some tips to attempt the Map Labelling questions

Some of the tips to follow while attempting the Map Labelling questions are reading the instructions, knowing the vocabulary, understanding the context, guessing the answers while listening, paying attention to other clues on the map and avoiding spelling mistakes

What are the things to avoid while doing the Map Labelling questions?

A test-taker must avoid wasting time before and after listening to the audio, i.e., they should multi-task by actively listening and answering the questions. Avoid getting distracted with direction words and make sure to write answers for all the questions, even if they seem to be challenging

What is the primary objective of the Map Labelling questions?

The key objective of the Map Labelling question is to connect the information that a test-taker hears in the audio to the gaps in the map. On some maps, there'll be a list of words, and the test-taker will have to choose the correct word that fits on the map

Practice IELTS Listening based on question types

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