Public Enemy Number One – Idiom Of The Day For IELTS

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Public Enemy Number One – Idiom Of The Day For IELTS Speaking.


Something or someone that a lot of people dislike or disapprove of.


“Smoking has become public enemy number one since the introduction of the smoking ban.”

“Littering is the public enemy number one in Singapore.”

“America’s public enemy number one in the United States is drug abuse.”


  1. Choose the suitable idiom to complete the sentence below.
    “In many countries, the political corruption is always a ____________________.”
    A. self-made man.
    B. bread and butter.
    C. public enemy number one.
    D. down and outs .
  2. Describe the thing that people in your country hate to do. Try to use this idiom in your speech. You should say:
    – What it is
    – How it affect people’s behaviour
    – And why people hate it
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