Rub Someone (Up) The Wrong Way – Idiom Of The Day

IOTD - rub someone the wrong way

Rub Someone (Up) The Wrong Way – Idiom Of The Day


Definition: to irritate, annoy someone


  • The newly elected chairman’s remarks have caused an absolute chaos and rubbed many people the wrong way.
  • She rubbed him the wrong way when mentioning about his current unemployment status.
  • He never thinks twice before speaking or doing anything, which is why he often rubs others the wrong way.

Fill in the blank:

Chris has a habit of ……………… Whereas we can sometimes overlook his unintentional irksome behavior since we are all close friends, those who don’t know him well enough usually get downright offended.

  1. biting people’s head off
  2. rubbing people the wrong way
  3. cutting corners
  4. running out of patience

Writing & Speaking

What characteristics do you look for when befriending anyone?

Well, they say that you are the average of your five closest friends, therefore, I’ve always tried to surround myself with those who have positive impacts on me. Fortunately, most of my friends are amazing influencers who usually offer useful advice and motivational speech every time I need it. I am particularly grateful for their honesty and patience, too. Though sometimes they would say some brutally hurtful truths that rub me up the wrong way, I’ve never held a grudge because of their good intentions.

  • Offer/ provide advice = advice (v)
  • Influencer (n): a person or thing that influences
  • Motivational (a): making somebody want to do something, especially something that involves hard work and effort
  • Brutally (adv): in a clear and direct way when speaking about something unpleasant
  • Hurtful (a): (of comments) making you feel upset and offended
  • Hold a grudge: to harbor persistent and continual resentment or ill feelings toward someone, especially for some slight or wrongdoing he or she has committed in the past
  • Intention (n): what you intend or plan to do; your aim

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