Second-Class Citizen – Idiom Of The Day For IELTS

idiom of the day by - second-class citizen

Second-Class Citizen – Idiom Of The Day For IELTS Speaking.


someone treated as if they are less important than others in society.


“In many developing countries, the homeless are regard as the second-class citizens in society.”

He did not see why he should be treated like a second-class citizen for one day longer.”

In many countries, women still are considered second-class citizens.


  1. Choose the suitable idiom to complete the sentence below.
    “Pensioners often feel they are treated as __________ by younger people.”
    A. self-made men.
    B. second-class citizens.
    C. public enemy number one .
    D. a push.
  2. Describe the time that you help someone. Try to use this idiom in your speech. You should say:
    – When it happened
    – Who he or she was
    – How you helped him or her
    And how did you feel after that?
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