Can you use Quotes or Idioms in your IELTS Essay?

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Can you use Quotes or Idioms in your IELTS Essay?

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Ruben Smith

Ruben Smith

Ruben is a specialist and enthusiast in Linguistics. He speaks French, Spanish and German apart from English. He is a pronunciation expert and has even co-authored some books on the same. In the course of his research, he found the English language gap in non-native speakers. That’s when he decided to train students in English. He joined IELTSMaterial a few years ago and has written over 100+ articles. His articles are written in simple language but with strong attention to detail. His ideas are original and easy to understand. He has also researched on many tips that could help students score a band 9 with ease. These tips can be found across the website.

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Posted on May 21, 2021

Do NOT use “whale of a time” in the IELTS writing test. This is not formal and would be totally inappropriate.


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