Dispense – Word Of The Day For IELTS Writing & Speaking

WOTD - Dispense

Dispense – Word Of The Day For IELTS Writing & Speaking

Dispense /dɪˈspens/ (v):

  1. (formal) to give out something to people
  2. (formal) to provide something, especially a service, for people
  3. to prepare medicine and give it to people, as a job

Dispense with (phrasal verb): get rid of, manage without

Synonyms: distribute, give away, hand out, allocate, provide, offer

Antonyms: withhold, keep, retain


  • Those conservative critics have never passed any chance to dispense offensive comments to people they consider as social misfits.
  • It was an utter surprise to receive a compliment from Ms. Green since she has never been generous in dispensing flattering remarks.
  • Doctors must take great caution when dispensing prescriptions to patients.
  • Professor Bain decided to dispense each group a team assignment to be submitted before the next class.
  • The NGO has been devoted to dispensing sufficient healthcare and financial aids to underprivileged groups in remote areas.
  • The decision to dispense with the old customer service strategies of the management team has come in for strong criticism from employees of CS department.

Conservative (a): opposed to great or sudden social change; showing that you prefer traditional styles and values

Critic (n): a person who expresses disapproval of somebody/something and talks about their bad qualities, especially publicly

Offensive (a): rude in a way that causes you to feel upset, insulted or annoyed

Misfit (n): a person who is not accepted by a particular group of people, especially because their behaviour or their ideas are very different

Flattering (a): saying nice things about somebody/something

Remark (n): something that you say or write which expresses an opinion, a thought, etc. about somebody/something

Prescription (n): an official piece of paper on which a doctor writes the type of medicine you should have, and which enables you to get it from a chemist’s shop/drugstore

Devote (v): to give most of your time, energy, attention, etc. to somebody/something

Aid (n): money, food, etc. that is sent to help countries in difficult situations

Underprivileged (a): having less money and fewer opportunities than most people in society

Remote (a): far away from places where other people live

Come in for (phrasal verb): to receive blame or criticism

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