IELTS Listening Recent Actual Tests Volume 3 (Ebook & Audio) - IELTS Listening Actual Tests

IELTS Listening Recent Actual Tests Volume 3 includes 6 IELTS listening tests with answer key and tapescript. These listening tests were in the real IELTS exam from 2011 to 2015.

You should practice on real tests because:

  •  First,  these listening tests were extracted from the IELTS bank source; therefore, you are in all probability to take these tests in your real examinations. You can see the index to know the dates these tests were taken.
  • Second, when practicing this book, you can evaluate at the nearest possibility how difficult the IELTS Listening Part is in the real exam, and what the top most common traps are.  Another important point is that these real tests are a bit more tricky than the ones in the IELTS Cambridge books.

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IELTS Listening Recent Actual Tests (Volume 3)  Mirror (One Drive Link) 

You can also download IELTS Listening Recent Actual Tests Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 4 to practice at home before sitting the IELTS test on our website.

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