Get The Picture – Idiom Of The Day For IELTS Speaking


Get The Picture – Idiom Of The Day For IELTS Speaking

Imagining your friend are describe a beautiful scenery, and you almost drew all the detail of this scenery in your brain. In other words, you got the picture.  


To get the point or understand what it means.


Jane: “The bridge has to move up like this so the boat can get through” – Kris: “Oh, I get the picture.”

“Could you get the picture when I presented the plan for our journey?”

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t get the picture of this. It is too complicated to understand.”


  1. Read a conversation and answer the question below 
    Mike: “Hi Andrew, I think we should make a long-term plan for our project that we have to do next month.”
    Andrew: “Of course, it will be assessed our final grade, right?”
    Mike: “Yes, Dr Jone said that. I think it is a little bit sophisticated, but we just need to write the first draft of introduction and then we run an interview with high school students so that we collect data before analysing it in our research.”
    Andrew: “Oh, I get the picture.”

    What does Andrew mean when he said: “Oh, I get the picture.”?
    A. He doesn’t understand what Mike said.
    B. He wants to draw the picture for their research.
    C. He will add the picture to their plan.
    D. He totally understands what Mike said.

  2. Fill the gap.
    “Because my tutor explains carefully about the requirement as well as the method to do it, I obviously get the ………. in the next assignment.”
    A. Paper.
    B. Instructions.
    C. Picture.
    D. Images.

    Doing the idiom exercise is the best way to memorise and use them correctly.

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