IELTS Listening Tips 2024

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IELTS Listening Tips 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions

To score well in the listening section, what accent should I practice listening to?

You should listen to various accents before appearing for the test. There are no instances of emphasis on a particular accent.

Is it enough if I listen only to the practice tests?

If your test is fast approaching, you can concentrate only on the practice tests. But if you have time, you have to listen to some general audio and video such as news, recommended movies and television series.

Will I be given a second chance to listen to the recording (just in case I have any doubts)?

No. The recording will be played only once.

Is there negative marking in the listening test?

No. So attempt all of them.

While writing the answers for the listening test, does spelling matter?

Yes. It matters. Answers with incorrect spellings will be marked as wrong answers.

Practice IELTS Listening based on question types

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Janet had been an IELTS Trainer before she dived into the field of Content Writing. During her days of being a Trainer, Janet had written essays and sample answers which got her students an 8+ band in the IELTS Test. Her contributions to our articles have been engaging and simple to help the students understand and grasp the information with ease. Janet, born and brought up in California, had no idea about the IELTS until she moved to study in Canada. Her peers leaned to her for help as her first language was English.

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Posted on Dec 12, 2020

Ielts material is the best with lots of practice materials. Thank you so much.


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