Prudent – Word Of The Day For IELTS Speaking & Writing

WOTD - prudent

Prudent – Word Of The Day For IELTS Speaking & Writing

Prudent /ˈpruːdnt/ (a): sensible and careful when you make judgements and decisions; avoiding unnecessary risks

Synonyms: wise, judicious, advisable

Antonyms: unwise, reckless, inadvisable, imprudent


  • Tom proves to be an extremely prudent businessman with his healthy investment portfolio, which has brought him millions of dollars each year.
  • She though it would be prudent to tell him the truth before someone else did.
  • Instead of raising your voice, it’s more prudent to sharpen your arguments.


Do you like to plan or set goals for yourself?

To be honest, I didn’t have a habit of making plans or keeping track of my daily activities or what I was supposed to do, which, admittedly, did more harm than good. Since I am kind of absent-minded and unorganized, I think it would be more prudent if I could make a to-do list and strictly follow my schedule. Therefore, about a year ago, I decided to live and work more productively and beat procrastination by starting keeping a journal on basically everything I feel necessary as well as a planner to monitor the next steps I have to take to attain my goals.

  • Have a habit of doing something
  • Do more harm than good (idiom): to be damaging and not helpful
  • Absent-minded (a): tending to forget things, perhaps because you are not thinking about what is around you, but about something else
  • Unorganized (a): not having been organized
  • Procrastination (n): the act of delaying something that you should do, usually because you do not want to do it
  • Attain (v): to succeed in getting something, usually after a lot of effort

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