TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language)

TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language)

TOEFL is the Test Of English as a Foreign language which is famous worldwide. This is the long test that needs the preparation and practice of several months to take the exam.

Knowing the TOEFL exam pattern is necessary because you will know what exactly to write in the exam, as well as to achieve a good score in the exam.

Every section of the test has different questions or the tasks to be performed and some of the tasks may be new to you. Hence, continuous practice is really needed. The topics in the examination will change all the time, only the format of the questions will remain the same. Thus, getting some information about TOEFL is really important.

Sections of TOEFL

There are 4 major sections in TOEFL which are explained below:

1. Reading

The reading section of TOEFL goes up to 60-100 minutes long, where you will be given 3-5 academic passages and each passage will be 700 words long. There will also be 12- 14 questions based on the passage. This section tests your ability to grasp and analyze the written content given to you. This section will have topics related to science and academic discussion. To do well in this particular section you must read the complex passages with difficult words daily and understand the vocabulary of the same.

2. Listening

The listening section of TOEFL goes up to 60-90 minutes long and this section tests your ability to understand the content given to you orally. Each of the recordings played will have different accents. This section will have 4-6 lectures with different information followed by 4-5 related questions and also extra how and why questions. The audio will be played only once but the questions along with them can be played twice or thrice. This section tests your ability to understand the information given as well as how you can understand the motivation as well as the emotions of the speaker.

3. Speaking

The speaking section of TOEFL goes up to 20 minutes long. You will be given six tasks that you need to complete by speaking on the microphone during the test. In the first two tasks, you need to share your opinions on everyday topics and the remaining 4 tasks will be based on integrated speaking where you will have to read a short passage or listen to a recording and based on which the questions will be asked. This section will test your ability to showcase your ideas and thoughts in the English language.

4. Writing

The writing section of TOEFL goes about 50 minutes long. It consists of two tasks: one is an integrated task and the second one is an independent task. In an independent task, you will write your opinion on a casual topic and in an integrated task, you will write an essay on listening and a reading material. You will have more time on independent tasks than on integrated tasks. So, you can try to score well in independent tasks. Writing tests will assess your ability to use the English language in writing. In this section, you must apply your grammar and vocabulary to form a proper sentence or a paragraph.

Each section of TOEFL will get a maximum of 30 marks and totaling the marks of all the sections will be 120 marks. Thus, 120 can be taken as a perfect score in TOEFL. All the sections of TOEFL will be done in one day and altogether it will be a four and half hour long test with a short break in between listening and speaking sections.

There can also be some other points which can be kept in mind while attending the test.

  • You can make a note on the paper while taking any sections of the TOEFL test. You will be given paper and a pencil to make a note. But, while leaving the test center you need to submit all the used and unused paper to the concerned person and leave.
  • Mobile, tablets and other electronic gadgets will not be allowed in the examination hall. You are not allowed to use it during break time also.
  • There will be a 10 minutes break during which you can have a drink or snack.
  • If you want to go for a break in between the examination you can have it too, but the time will not be paused for you.

Advantages of TOEFL

There are few things which say why the TOEFL test is important which is discussed below:

  • It helps you to get noticed by the Admission officers as it improves the English speaking skills just as the way they are used in the classroom.
  • You will come to the campus well prepared than others who have not practiced for TOEFL
  • Other speaking tests are rated by one person, whereas the TOEFL test is rated by multiple trainers.
  • You can test your scores online within 6 days of your examination and also you get feedback on which parts you need to improve.
  • It is accepted by 9000+ institutions and about 130 counties and also the top 100 universities in the US.

Scoring of TOEFL test

  • Each section of the TOEFL test is scored from 0-30 and the overall test is scored from 0-120
  • The scores will be available after 6 days of your TOEFL examination and it will be valid for 2 years.
  • Your score report also includes your best scores that is your highest score from all the sections.
  • If the score that you have got is not suitable for the institution that you are going to, then you can take several retakes until you get a better score, but there must be a waiting period of 3 days before taking the next attempt.
  • You are eligible to choose 4 institutions of your choice where you want to take admission and the TOEFL scores will be directly sent to those institutions.
  • You must check the institution’s website in order to know the score set by the individual institutions.

TOEFL is a very complex test and you are advised to practice for the test at least for 3-4 months in order to get a good score in the examination. If you focus on improving your English language then you can definitely make it through the TOEFL examination.

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