Cost of Living in USA 2024-25: The Ultimate Guide for Indian Students

Cost of Living in USA 2024-25: The Ultimate Guide for Indian Students
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do I need to live in USA?

The amount of money you need to live in the USA varies greatly depending on the city and lifestyle. On average, an individual needs between USD 24,000 and USD 54,000 annually to cover housing, utilities, groceries, transportation, healthcare, and miscellaneous expenses.

Is it cheaper to live in USA?

Whether the USA is cheaper to live in depends on the specific region and your personal circumstances. Some areas, particularly in the Midwest and South, have a lower cost of living compared to coastal cities like New York and San Francisco.

Which US state has the lowest cost of living?

In the US, Mississippi has the lowest cost of living, with affordable housing, lower utility costs, and cheaper groceries compared to the national average. Other states with a low cost of living include Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

How much money is required to go to the USA from India?

The cost to travel to the USA from India includes airfare, visa fees, and initial settling expenses. On average, a one-way flight can cost between USD 600 and USD 1,500, while visa fees are approximately USD 160 for a tourist visa. Initial settling expenses, including accommodation and basic necessities, can range from USD 1,000 to USD 2,000.

Is the housing and accommodation living cost in USA for international students expensive?

Housing and accommodation living cost in USA for international students can be expensive. However, it depends on your budget. On-campus housing can range from USD 10,000 to USD 15,000 per year, while the cost of living in USA per month in off-campus housing may vary from USD 500 to USD 1,500 depending on the location.

Is USA a good option for Indian students?

Yes, the USA is a good option for Indian students due to its high-quality education system, diverse cultural experiences, and numerous research and career opportunities.

What are some of the affordable cities to live in USA for international students?

Some affordable cities to live in the USA for international students include Oklahoma City (Oklahoma), Cincinnati, (Ohio), Indianapolis (Indiana), San Antonio (Texas)and Knoxville Tennessee).

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