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If you are planning to migrate to Australia for the study or work purpose you can take up the IELTS examination. About 900 institutions take the IELTS examination score as proof of English language proficiency test. They think that only IELTS gives the exact reflection of the skills like writing, reading, listening and speaking.

Registration for IELTS Australia

Find the IELTS test center:

There 1100+ test centers all over the world and these centers are listed online. You can take the test wherever it is convenient for you. Now Computer-delivered IELTS test is also available which makes it easy for a person to take a test from their location itself.

Register for IELTS:

Once you are done finding the nearest test center, you can register to the IELTS test by clicking the book now and then paying fees online. You can also download the application form and bring to the test center.

Book the IELTS test:

Once the registering for IELTS is done, confirm the date and time of the test. Once the booking is done the test center will send you confirmation in writing with the details of your test.

Take the test:

Make sure you bring all the documents that were uploaded during the registration to the test center on the test day. Your photo will also be taken as a part of security measure and this photo only will be attached to your result form.

IELTS Score Requirements – Migrate to Australia

The following score requirements must be kept in mind while planning to migrate to Australia:

  • When you apply for an Australian student visa you are expected to get a band score of 5.5 in the IELTS examination.
  • The top universities of Australia expect the IELTS band score of 6.5 and a band score of 6.0 in all the 4 categories
  • You will get your results after 13 days of your test day. You can either directly collect it from the test centre or you can have mailed it to your email id.
  • You can preview your results for 28 days from the exam but this preview will not be on the official page. It can be only used for the university or the visa application.
  • The test center in which you wrote your IELTS exam will also send your test report to the 5 universities which you are willing to migrate.
  • If the test report copy is misplaced, it will not be replaced.
  • The test scores will only be valid for 2 years which means that the department of immigration and the universities of Australia accept the test scores only up to 2 years of the IELTS exam.
  • If you are unhappy with your score you can give multiple attempts of IELTS examination.

Visas that lead to acquiring PR in Australia

There are some visas that lead to acquiring Permanent Residence in Australia. They have been explained below:

Skilled Independent Visa

The Skilled Independent Visas help the individual to live and work in any part of Australia for the time period of 5 years. This comes under the subclass 189.

Skilled Nominated Visa

In the Skilled Nominated Visas, the individual is supposed to get some points in order to get these visas. The individual can live or work only in the designated places. This comes under the subclass 190.

Skilled Regional Provisional Visa

If you do not have a family member to fetch you points you can obtain the points through your relatives and the territory or the state government will provide you with a permanent residency visa. This is under the subclass 489.

Graduate Temporary Visa

After studying for 2 years in Australia, the international student can apply for the work visa under the Graduate temporary visa. This comes under subclass 485.

Skilled Shortage Visa

This is under subclass 482. The Skilled Shortage Visa is given when there is a shortage of Labor market they brig the skilled immigrants to Australia. The skilled immigrants brought to Australia work under 3 streams:

Short Term Stream:

This stream is applicable if the individual is sponsored by an employer as an overseas skilled worker or the individual’s occupation is listed on the STSOL list. This visa will be applicable from 2-4 years.

Medium-Term Stream:

This stream is also applicable if the individual is sponsored as an overseas skilled worker by the employer or if the occupation is listed under the MLTSSL list or ROL(Regional Occupational List). This visa will be applicable for 4 years.

Labour Agreement Stream:

This stream is applicable if the individual is sponsored by the employer as an overseas skilled worker who has entered into a labor agreement.

Points you get for IELTS Score to migrate to Australia

For particular IELTS band score you will get certain Australian immigration points which are given as follows:

  • For IELTS band 6 you get 0 Australian PR points.
  • The  IELTS band 7 will have 10 Australian immigration points.
  • If your IELTS band 8 and above you get Australian PR points as 20.

As you all know that Australia follows the point-based system for the immigration purpose and the factors which are considered for giving the points are age, occupation, education, language proficiency and so on. If you are applying for a PR (Permanent Residence) visa then you must try to score high points in the Language proficiency test.

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