How to write abbreviation vocabulary

How to write abbrebriation vocabulary
‘a&f always and forever bi bye c see
a’rt alright b’d8 birthday ‘c/t can’t talk
a/l age and location bc because ‘c/r can’t remember
a/s/l age/sex/location b’g background ‘c/tl can’t stop laughing
a/s/l/p age/sex/location/picture b’w between ‘c2 come to
a/s/l/r age/sex/location/race ‘b2w back to work ‘cb come back
a/s/e age/sex/ethnicity b4 before ‘cfid check for identification
a3 anyplace, anywhere, anytime ‘b4n bye for now cgra congratulation
‘afaic As far as I’m concerned bat batteries chr character
‘afaik As far as I know B/b’f best boyfriend chk check
‘afaict As far as I can tell B/g’f best girlfriend cig cigarette
‘afair As far as I recall ‘bbiam be back in a minute cigs cigarettes
‘afaiu As far as I understand ‘bbias be back in a second cg’ seeing
agn again bf’s boyfriend’s ‘cis computer information science
‘asap As soon as possible bn been ‘cm call me
‘aaf as a friend b/o/dum both of them ‘cmb comment me back
abt about b’r bathroom ‘cmcp call me cell phone
acc account brd bored comnt comment
ack acknowledged=thua nhan bda brother comp computer
admin administrator btfl beautiful contrib contribution
‘ai artificial Intelligence btr better convo conversation
‘atm at the moment bzns business cld could
‘atp answer the phone bzy bysy ‘cu see you
‘atw all the way
‘aamof as a matter of fact B4 before cp. compare
‘aa as above bc because cont continue
add address bg background ctry country
‘ah at home BTW by the way C of E church of England
Aif as if bus mgt business management C.O commading officer
amzn amazing B+B bed and breakfast c/o care of
‘awa as well as b. born CEO chief executive officer
‘ayk as you know BA Bachelor of Arts
BEd Bachelor of Education
A beginning, star sth new BEng=BE Bachelor of Engineering
a. around, approximately, about BSc Bachelor of Science
?a answer
ass’n association=hiep hoi, su ket hop
ass’t assignment=su giao viec
a/c account
A lvl advanced level
A.bomb atomic bomb = bom ngtu
A.D anno domini = sau công nguyên
BC before Christ
a.m ante meridiem=morning
A.V audiovisual(adj)= nghe nhìn


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