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As far as you know, IELTS has 4 modules or sections, including Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.

To familiarise yourself with the answer sheets used in the IELTS exam, you should download the IELTS answer sheets for Listening, Reading and Writing to practice at home.

IELTS Listening Answer Sheet

In the listening test, you will be having 30 minutes to listen to the recordings, and also you are allowed to write the points on the question sheet or the booklet that is given along with the pencil. After you listen to the audio, you will be given an extra 10 minutes to transfer them to the answer sheet that is given. You are also allowed to underline the important sentences for your reference while transferring the answers.

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IELTS Reading Answer Sheet

In the IELTS reading test, 1 hour to complete the answer. Here the main task is to read the passage and write the answers for the questions given simultaneously, you can write the answers in the question paper also but, it will be a waste of time because there will be no extra time given again to transfer the answers to the answer sheet. Thus, it is advisable to directly write the answers in the answer sheet.

IELTS Writing Answer Sheet

Before actually taking the writing test, it is advisable to practice the witing test using the official website because there will be different tasks in writing test and you will not have enough time to transfer the answer from the booklet to the answer sheet simultaneously and quickly, so it needs a lot of practice to do it.

As a conclusion, the scores for the IELTS test can be given only when there are answers written in the answer sheet. Even if the answers in the booklet or the question paper are correct. until and unless you transfer them to the answer sheet you will not get the scores. So it is important to quickly transfer your answers to the answer sheet.

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Tips for write answer sheets in IELTS

  • During the test write the answers on the listening paper itself.
  • The candidates will get only 10 minutes to transfer their answers to the answer sheet.
  • Use a pencil in order to avoid mistakes.
  • Write the answer in front of every question number so that if you do a mistake you can erase it and write the correct answer.
  •  You must stop writing after 10 minutes.
  • You will have time to check the spellings after you transfer the answer.
  • You are supposed to write your full name in capital letters. The centre which you are going to write the exam will automatically completed on your answer sheet.
  • You need to share the appropriate boxes in order to indicate the date and the candidate number. The candidate number is provided to you as soon as you enter the examination hall or it will be displayed on the desk in which you sit to write the exam.

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