IELTS Reading Practice Tests – Free Sample Tests

IELTS Reading Practice Tests – Free Sample Tests
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of taking the IELTS exam reading practice test?

The reading passages in the IELTS reading practice test are meant to assess your analytical skills, reading comprehension, and the ability to effectively and efficiently read for the general idea. So, solving these IELTS reading mock tests will help you improve your overall reading skills.

Are there any differences between computer-based IELTS reading practice tests and the ones for IELTS pen and paper?

No, there is no difference between the computer-based IELTS reading practice tests and the ones for IELTS pen and paper as they follow the same pattern and question types.

Will solving the reading samples for IELTS test help me in getting a band 8.5 in IELTS reading?

Solving IELTS reading test papers regularly will definitely help to improve your overall skills for the IELTS reading exam and push you towards your desired band, considering you are working on your weak areas.

What does the IELTS Academic Reading practice test have?

The IELTS Academic Reading practice test consists of three reading passages of around 2500 words each and three separate sets of questions based on each one of them.

Can I solve the IELTS General practice test if I am taking the IELTS Academic exam?

Solving the IELTS General practice test will not be helpful if you are taking the IELTS Academic exam, as the difficulty level and the structure is different.

Where can I get a reading practice test pdf for my IELTS exam?

The easiest way is to join our free online sessions or contact our IELTS experts by signing up for a demo and ask them for the reading practice test pdf with the latest mock tests.

How will the IELTS reading practice test with answers help me with my exam?

When you solve practice tests for IELTS Reading with answers, it will enable you to check your mistakes and help you figure out the areas you need to improve.

Are the passages in the IELTS reading practice test similar to those of the actual IELTS exam?

Yes, the IELTS Reading tests are designed in the same format as the actual IELTS exam with a similar level of difficulty and question types.

What should I do if I can’t solve a question in an IELTS reading test with answers?

You should skip that question without wasting time. Once all the remaining questions are solved, you can come back to the question. Later, try to locate it and understand the reasoning with the help of the answers.

Where can I find resources for IELTS Reading Practice Tests with answers?

It is easy to find resources for the IELTS reading practice test with answers on the internet. However, make sure to choose from authentic sites like IELTSMaterial, the British Council and Cambridge Assessment books.

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