IELTS Reading Practice Tests 2023 – Reading Passages and Samples

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IELTS Reading Practice Tests 2023 – Reading Passages and Samples

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the Academic reading test consist of?

There will be 3 sections. Each section will have a long text which will be up to 2,150-2,750 words.

Who should take up the Academic reading test?

Academic test is for students who are taking up undergraduate or postgraduate programs or those who are taking the professional registration like, teacher, doctor and so on in foreign countries.

Will the reading passages contain only text or some non-verbal materials as well?

The text given may also contain non-verbal materials like graphs, tables, diagrams and so on.

Will the reading passage contain complex words which I cannot understand?

Sometimes, it may. If the text comprises of jargon, then a separate vocabulary is provided for the same.

What are the possible question types in the reading passage?

There will different question types based on the text given like ->multiple-choice ->matching information ->matching sentence ->flow chart completion ->table completion and so on.

Practice IELTS Reading based on question types

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Charles Chinedu Okpala

Posted on Aug 25, 2021

Good very helpful.
I think am improving in my preparation


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Tommaso Albertella

Posted on Jun 6, 2020

hello ! may I ask if these test are academic or general ?




Posted on Jul 27, 2020

Hi Tommaso, these reading practice tests are academic. We’ve got IELTS General reading practice tests too. They can be found in this link –

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