IELTS Reading Practice Test

IELTS Reading Practice tests

In this particular page, you can find IELTS Reading samples which can be used in the IELTS practice test. There is a procedure to calculate the marks obtained by the IELTS reading practice test. You can follow the below procedure to calculate the IELTS reading band score obtained.

  • Choose a particular practice test and click on the first section of the test.
  • Read the given passage and answer the question below and click on the check button. You will get the correct and wrong answer for the same.
  • Go to the next section and repeat the same procedure
  • After you finish reading all the 3 passages and answering all the questions. Click on Get Results button to check the scores obtained in the reading test.

In the Reading test, there are 2 categories one is the IELTS Academic Reading test and another is the IELTS General Training Reading test. The practice test for both is explained below.

IELTS Academic Reading Practice Test

While taking up the Academic Reading Practice test certain things have to be kept in mind which are pointed down as below:

  • The Academic Reading test will go up to 60 minutes long.
  • Totally there will be 3 sections and each section will have a long text which will be 2,150-2,750 words long.
  • The texts which are given in the exam are taken from journals, newspapers, magazines. These topics will be written on Academic topics of general interest and these are given for non-specialist audiences.
  • The texts or the passages given are appropriate or to the point for the audience who are taking up undergraduate or postgraduate programs or for those who are taking the professional registration like, teacher, doctor and so on in the foreign countries.
  • From the text given you may be asked descriptive, discursive, analytical and factual questions.
  • The text which is given may also contain non-verbal materials like graphs, tables, diagrams and so on.
  • If the text has words which are not understandable by the test taker, then a separate vocabulary is provided for the same.
  • There are different question types based on the text given such as multiple-choice, matching information, matching sentence, flow chart completion, table completion and so on.
  • Each of the right answers will receive 1 mark and there will be 40 questions. Scores out of 40 are converted to 9 bands and these bands will be given in the form of full or half band.

Here is the list of 70 IELTS Reading Practice Tests

Practice Test 1 Practice Test 2 Practice Test 3 Practice Test 4 Practice Test 5 Practice Test 6 Practice Test 7
Practice Test 11 Practice Test 12 Practice Test 13 Practice Test 14 Practice Test 15 Practice Test 16Practice Test 17 Practice Test 18 Practice Test 19 Practice Test 20 Practice Test 21 Practice Test 22Practice Test 25 Practice Test 26 Practice Test 27 Practice Test 28 Practice Test 29 Practice Test 30
Practice Test 31 Practice Test 32 Practice Test 33 Practice Test 34 Practice Test 35 Practice Test 36
Practice Test 37 Practice Test 38 Practice Test 39 Practice Test 40 Practice Test 41 Practice Test 42
Practice Test 43 Practice Test 44 Practice Test 45 Practice Test 46 Practice Test 47 Practice Test 48 Practice Test 49 Practice Test 50 Practice Test 52 Practice Test 53 Practice Test 54 Practice Test 55
Practice Test 56 Practice Test 57 Practice Test 58 Practice Test 59 Practice Test 60 Practice Test 61
Practice Test 62 Practice Test 63 Practice Test 64 Practice Test 65 Practice Test 66 Practice Test 67
Practice Test 68 Practice Test 69 Practice Test 70

IELTS General Training Reading Practice test

The IELTS General Training Reading Practice test will help you to take up the practice test in order to get an idea of how this particular test goes and how you can manage the time. Some of the procedures to be followed while taking up these tests are as follows:

  • The General Training Reading Test will also go up to 60 minutes long and even here you are given a particular topic to read and answer the questions on the same.
  • In the General training also there will be 3 sections and for each section different topics will be given
  • In section 1 there will be three factual passages based on the topics related to everyday life.
  • In section 2 there will be two factual texts based on work-related issues.
  • Section 3 will have a more complex paragraph on the general topics. 
  • The topic given is very appropriate and is taken from newspapers, magazines, journals and so on. 
  • The questions will be based on different types such as matching information, sentence completion, flowchart completion. Graph completion, table completion and so on.
  • There will be 40 questions in each part and each question carries a single mark which is then converted into 9 bands or half band.

Computer-delivered IELTS Reading Practice Test

By taking the Computer-delivered IELTS Reading test you can practice for the reading test on your own computer sitting at home. These tests should be taken on your computer or laptops. The Reading practice test consists of 11 question types consisting of 41 questions which include:

  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Note completion
  • Matching Sentence Endings
  • Sentence Completion
  • Identifying Information
  • Matching Headings
  • Summary completion
  • Flowchart completion

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