IELTS Reading Recent Actual Test 2020

Why do you need to buy this eBook?

Are you nervous about the IELTS test that is fast approaching? Is the Reading section very challenging for you? Are you ignorant about the pattern of questions in the actual reading test? Are you determined to achieve your dream score?  Are you looking for recent reading ielts 2020 materials to practice for the reading section?

The answer to all the above questions is to purchase the e-book:


About the book

The book contains 19 recent ielts reading tests for the Academic test of IELTS. Each of them will have three sections and will contain one long text with two or three different types of questions attached to it. Also, there are answer keys at the end which you can use to verify your answers. The book contains 120 pages and is of size 2.9 MB. 

About the Reading section

Candidates will have only 60 minutes for the IELTS Reading part which consists of a total of 40 questions. You are required to spend 20 minutes on each section. 

These are the main type of questions

  1. Match headings
  2. Multiple choice
  3. Short answer
  4. Name matching
  5. True/False/Not given
  6. Yes/No/Not given
  7. Summary completion
  8. Match sentence headings
  9. Sentence completion
  10. Matching paragraph information
  11. Table completion
  12. Diagram labelling

The texts will vary and could be:

  1. Factual
  2. Descriptive
  3. Analytical
  4. Opinion based


Every correct answer will fetch 1 mark. Your score out of 40 will be converted to the corresponding IELTS band scale level.

How to use the book?

Besides Cambridge IELTS Practice Tests series published by Oxford University Press, IELTS Reading Recent Actual Tests with Answers aims to improve the overall performance of the readers. You can try reading techniques like skimming and scanning and check whether you are able to derive the central idea of a passage quickly. Do not skip any topic. You should approach the reading section as you would in the real exam. You can measure the time and note down the mistakes. You can review them using the answer keys and take necessary steps to avoid them next time. When you practice these tests which have a high probability of getting repeated, you will be able to improve your reading skills and build confidence.

As you are already familiar with the type of tests that will appear in the exam, it reduces exam fear. You can achieve more than you dream. As the proverb goes “Practice makes a man perfect”, practice is the key to crack the IELTS exam.

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