True False Not Given IELTS Reading 2023 – Lessons, Tips and Strategy

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True False Not Given IELTS Reading 2023 – Lessons, Tips and Strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

What section of IELTS contains the TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN questions?

The Reading section of IELTS contains the TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN questions.

Are the questions asked in the same order in which the text or the information is given?

Yes. But, it is highly recommended that you read the passage carefully and answer the questions.

Should I skim or scan the question?

You will neither skim (briefly understand) nor scan ( look only for specific information) the question. You have to read the question carefully, to be able to answer it.

Will the answers be paraphrased ( in the text given)?

Yes. You need to know the synonyms of various words in English to answer the questions given.

How do I determine TRUE, FALSE or NOT GIVEN from the information given?

If the fact is TRUE, then there should be an exact match. The answer will be FALSE when the text states one meaning and the fact given states another meaning. If you have no idea about the answer, then write NOT GIVEN, because probably the answer may not be available in the text.

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