IELTS General Reading Practice Tests

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IELTS General Reading Practice Tests

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the General reading test consist of?

It will contain three sections as follows: Section 1 will contain 2-3 short texts, with the topic being related to everyday life in an English speaking country, Section 2 will contain short texts, mainly focusing on work-related issues, Section 3 will include a long, more complex text on a general topic.

What is the duration of the test?

You will be given an hour to complete the three sections.

What if I have some knowledge on the topic given? Can I start answering questions without reading?

Please, read through the passage and answer the questions. Forget, what you know already about the topic.

What if, I did not understand a particular word in the passage?

Don’t panic! Try to read the line again and understand what the situation is, to have an idea of what that particular word might translate to.

Can I skip a question, if I don’t know the answer?

There is no negative marking. So, don’t skip any question.
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General Reading Practice Tests

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Nguyen Ngoc Ha

Posted on Nov 19, 2021

i want to improve my reading skill. can you send me every file of reading book through my email address pls



Posted on Nov 13, 2021

Kindly send general reading practice test for downloading



Posted on Nov 4, 2021

Your web site is a great help and provide all the necessary tools for the test.



Posted on Aug 30, 2020

thanks lot i have exam on 12 sep i got reading practice test fro your site which i was looking its great help u did


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