IELTS Listening answer sheet

IELTS Listening answer sheet
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5 Must Complete IELTS Listening Practice Tests

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I answer while listening to the audio?

The IELTS Listening audio will last for a maximum of 30 minutes, within which the test taker should listen to the audio and mark the answers on the question paper. Candidates attempting the IELTS Listening test through a paper-based method will be given an additional 10 minutes to write the answers. In contrast, those attempting the test via computer-based will be given an extra 2 minutes to review their answers.

Can I write words, or do the answers need to be in letters in the MCQ?

It is important to follow the instructions. If the instructions ask you to choose a letter, your answer must be written as a letter and not as words. Thus, read the instructions carefully so that you don't lose points.

What is the first thing to fill in the IELTS Listening answer sheet?

After receiving the IELTS Listening answer sheet, test takers should enter their center number which could include letters as well as numbers in it. After writing the center number code, they should write their city name, for eg: MD850 Madrid.

Which section in the IELTS Listening answer sheet shouldn't be touched by the test takers?

There's a section in the answer column with the title "Marker use only", in which the test takers should not write anything. It will be filled by the examiner. Also, there will be four boxes below the answer column which will also be filled by the examiner.

Should I use a pen or a pencil in the IELTS Listening test?

For the IELTS Listening test, candidates should use a dark sharpened pencil as the tests are scanned and these work best with pencil. By using a pencil, you can easily erase and rewrite the words with the help of an eraser. If you forget to carry either the pencil or the eraser, the test centre will only provide you one.

Practice IELTS Listening based on question types

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