IELTS Listening Recent Actual Test 2020

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Do you find it difficult to understand native speakers’ English? Is the Listening section very challenging for you? Are you aware of signposting language? Are you looking for tips and tricks to crack the Listening section? Are you looking at a one-stop solution for all your Listening needs? Are you looking for ielts recent actual test 2020 materials for listening?

The answer to all the above questions is to purchase the e-book:


About the book

The book contains 5 sets of tests for the Academic test of IELTS. They are actual ielts test 2020 materials . The audio files are a rich collection of a wide range of voices and native-speaker accents such as British English, Australian, American and Canadian. You also get exposed to different slangs. Also, there are answer keys at the end which you can use to verify your answers. 

About the Listening Test

These are the 4 parts in the IELTS Listening test. They are: 

  • Conversation between two people
  • A monologue
  • A conversation of up to four people
  • A monologue on Academic subject

There will be 10 questions in each section. The questions become harder progressively.

Types of questions in IELTS Listening

  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Map Labelling questions
  • Sentence Completion/Note completion/ Table completion/Diagram completion questions
  • Match questions

Marking criteria 

You will be marked based on the following:

  • The correctness of your spelling
  • Grammar
  • Writing the correct number of words
  • A careful reading of the instructions is recommended as they will state the number of words that needs to be written or tell you a maximum number of words permitted.

For example:


Excerpts From the book

Multiple choice questions

There are a few things you would have to keep in mind while you’re answering multiple-choice questions :

The words used in the question might not be the exact words that you hear in the

audio recording. So, you’d have to pay attention to synonyms and how the words are


Map Labeling questions:

The audio recording would provide you with an understanding of where you are or

where you have to begin. Pay attention to it at the beginning of the recording. Also,

listen to nearby places and clues to help find the answers.

Sentence Completion/Note completion/ Table completion/Diagram completion questions:

Try to guess what would come in the blank. It could be a place, a number, year, name

or even a specific range of information (such as seasons, climatic conditions)

Match questions:

These questions have a list of statements that you’d have to match with the

options provided. Mostly it would be names, places or dates.

How to use the book?

IELTS Listening Recent Tests with Answers aims to improve the listening skills of the reader and aid in the preparation of the test. It also elaborates various techniques of Listening and hence simplifies the process. After a thorough reading of the book, you will not find the Listening section to be very tough. The book also gives details about signposting language which greatly helps in the preparation for the exam. Listen to the audio files carefully and try to answer the questions. You can compare your answers with the answer keys at the end. If you have made a mistake, you can go back to the audio, pause it and listen deeply to the sections, and identify where the mistake occurred. This way you can improve your listening skills. 

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