IELTS Listening Actual Test with Answers 2024

IELTS Listening Actual Test with Answers 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to purchase the “IELTS Listening Actual Test eBook”?

If you're someone struggling to analyze the questions quickly, recognize the paraphrasing, predict the answers, or you don't understand the concept of distractors, then you need to purchase the “IELTS Listening Actual Test eBook” offered at

What are the things covered in the “IELTS Listening Actual Test eBook”?

The “IELTS Listening Actual Test eBook” consists of 41 listening tests with 164 sections along with answers including audio, tapescripts, secret tips, tricks, & techniques for each question type, signposting language examples, various types of questions, and an answer key for all the Listening tests by certified IELTS Trainers to help the candidates on their big day

Post my purchase, will I receive the hard copy of the eBook?

Since it is an eBook, the “IELTS Listening test eBook,” along with audio files and tapescripts, will be sent directly to your email immediately after the purchase is completed

How will the eBook help me to prepare for the IELTS Listening Test?

You can listen to the audio files carefully and try answering the questions. Later, you can compare your answers with the answers key at the end. If you have made a mistake, you can listen to the audio again and rectify the errors using the tapescript. This way, the “IELTS Listening test eBook” will be beneficial for you while preparing for the IELTS Listening test.

What type of accents will I hear in the audio of the “IELTS Listening Actual test eBook”?

The “IELTS Listening Actual Test eBook” at has been designed in the same way as the actual exam. So, the audio files will consist of different types of native-speaker accents such as British English, Australian, Canadian, and American. Therefore, familiarise yourself with a range of accents using the eBook.

Practice IELTS Listening based on question types

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Obianke Romanus

Posted on Jun 9, 2022

The tests are easily comprehensible


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