Advanced Grammar for IELTS: Adjectives

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Advanced Grammar for IELTS: Adjectives

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What is the importance of adjectives in the IELTS?

An adjective is the most commonly used type of word in the IELTS, which functions as a modifier of nouns, typically by describing, delimiting, or specifying quantity, such as 'incredible' in 'an incredible person'. Having an enriching vocabulary is a must to score high in the IELTS writing and speaking sections.

Give three examples of the adjective term "old."

Some of the synonyms for the Adjective 'old' is obsolete, aged, ancient, outdated, used, and traditional. For example: 1. The hairdryer is outdated. 2. Keith lives in an obsolete house. 3. Welcoming guests with roses is a traditional way of greeting.

Why should the test-taker use adjectives in IELTS Speaking?

The test-taker should use adjectives while speaking to give general or precise information. This increases their score in the lexical range and accuracy (LRA). They can use extreme adjectives while illustrating a story or explaining an opinion in IELTS Speaking to add enthusiasm and interest

Define Predicative adjectives with examples

Predicative adjectives are adjectives that occur after the noun. These adjectives always follow a linking verb and can act as subject complements. For example, Monica looks exhausted

What is the difference between attributive and predicate adjectives? Give examples to each.

Adjectives can be divided into two categories based on their position in a sentence. Adjectives can occur both before and after a noun. When an adjective occurs before a noun, it is in the attributive position; for example, Chloe bought a heavy suitcase. The objective after the noun is called the predicative adjective. For example, My brother is afraid of dogs
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