Advanced Grammar for IELTS : Common Adverb+Adjective Collocations

Advanced Grammar for IELTS: Common Adverb+Adjective Collocations

To get Band 7.0+ for the IELTS writing and speaking test, you should develop excellent writing and speaking skills by learning a large repertoire of collocations.

Using collocations in the right place will help you to boost your IELTS score as well as help you speak more like a native speaker. Using new words as collocations may help us to boost our vocabulary. Adverb+Adjective collocations are where the words from Adverbs go along with the Adjective words.

The following (adverb + adjective) collocations are taken from the British National Corpus with the help you improve your vocabulary and score higher in IELTS. (Below, “sb’ = somebody and ‘sth’ = something.)

  • bitterly + cold, disappointed, divided, hostile, humiliated, hurt. opposed, resented, resentful, upset

  • completely  + acclimatized, alone, different, drained, empty/full, extinguished, immune
    (from/to sth), incapable (of sth). incomprehensible, lost, negative, new, open (with sb) (= honest), overlooked, revised, right/wrong, untenable

  • deeply  +  ashamed, attached (to sbtsth) (= strong feeling for), conscious, conservative, depressed, disappointed, disturbed, divided, embedded, embittered, hurt, indebted (to sb), ingrained, in love with, involved, involved (in sth), lamented, meaningful, moving, religious, rutted
  • entirely + absent, beneficial, clear, different, false, fitting, free, global, impersonal, loyal, new. obvious, serious, unconvincing, unexpected
  • heavily   +   armed, booked, built, censored, criticized, embroiled (with sb/sth). flavored,
    guarded, involved (in sth). muscled, polluted, populated, protected, publicized, regulated, represented, scented, soiled, taxed
  • hideously   +  bad, burnt, deformed, disfigured, disfiguring, effective, embarrassing, expensive, injured, lurid, mangled, scarred, swollen, ugly, unhygienicIELTS Ebooks CTA
  • highly   +  commended, contagious, controversial, critical, dependent, developed, educated, enjoyable, flexible, intelligent, mobile, paid, personal, polished, political, popular, publicized, qualified, recommended, regarded, relevant, resistant, respected, significant, skilled, specialized, technical, toxic, trained, unlikely, valued, volatile
  • painfully   +   acute, aware, evocative, learned, loud, obvious, self-conscious, sensitive, shy.
    slow, small, sparse, thin
  • perfectly   +   arranged, balanced, capable, fitting (= appropriate), formed, genuine, good.
    healthy, normal, placed, proper, rational, reasonable, (all) right, safe, still, straightforward, understandable, valid
  • seriously   +   damaged, exposed, hit (= damaged), ill. impaired, rich, threatened,
    undermined, wealthy
  • totally   +   abandoned, abused, alien, anaemic, decent, destroyed, different, embarrassed, harmless, homogeneous, honest, impervious (to sth), inadequate, incompetent, integrated, irresistible, logical, new, normal, overpowering, stiff, surprising, unacceptable, unbelievable, undefined, unjustified, wasted
  • Utterly  +  abandoned, alone, appalled, careless, dejected, destroyed, devoted (to sb), different, disastrous, fearless, futile, impossible, irresistible, lacking, ruthless, tragic, unacceptable, unattainable, unquestioning, useless, wrecked

Exercise :

Read the article below and decide which word (A – C) best fits each space (1 – 10). The exercise begins with an example (0).

Advanced Grammar for IELTS: Common Adverb+Adjective Collocations


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