Advanced Prepositions to Score Band 7.0+ in IELTS Writing

Advanced Prepositions to Score Band 7.0+ in IELTS Writing


1. As opposed to: Used to make a contrast between two things

Example:  This exercise develops suppleness as opposed to strength.

2. As regards : Alternative to Concerning

At the behest of somebody/something

Because somebody/something has ordered or requested it

Example: at the behest of the King

3. By means of: With the help of something

Example:        The load was lifted by means of a crane.

4. By virtue of/In virtue of: By means of or because of something

Example:        She got the job by virtue of her greater experience.

5. For the sake of (doing) something: In order to get or keep something

Example:        The translation sacrifices naturalness for the sake of accuracy.

6. In accordance with something : According to a rule or the way that something should be done

Example:  We acted in accordance with my parents’ wishes.

8. In addition (to somebody/something): Used when you want to mention another person/thing after something else

Example:        In addition to these arrangements, extra ambulances will be on duty until midnight.

9. In case of something: If something happens

Example:        In case of fire, ring the alarm bell.

10. In lieu of : Instead of

Example:        They took cash in lieu of the prize they had won.

11. In order to do something : With the purpose or intention of doing or achieving something

Example:        In order to get a complete picture, further information is needed.

12. In place of somebody/something : Instead of somebody/something

Example:        We just had soup in place of a full meal.

13. In respect of something

  1. Concerning

Example:        A writ was served on the firm in respect of their unpaid bill.

  1. In payment for something

Example:        money received in respect of overtime

14. In spite of : See Despite

15. In view of something

Considering something

Example:        In view of the weather, the event will now be held indoors.

16. On account of something

Because of

Example:        The marsh is an area of great scientific interest on account of its wild flowers.

17. On behalf of somebody

In order to help somebody

Example:        They campaigned on behalf of asylum seekers.

18. On top of

  1. In addition to something

Example:        He gets commission on top of his salary.

  1. In control of a situation

Example:        Work tends to pile up if I don’t keep on top of it.

19. Thanks to : Used to say that something has happened because of somebody/something

Example:        It was all a great success – thanks to a lot of hard work.

20. With a view to (doing) something

With the intention or hope of doing something

Example:        He is painting the house with a view to selling it.

21. With regard to/In regard to: Concerning somebody/something

Example:  The company’s position with regard to overtime is made clear in their contracts.

22. With respect to

Alternative to In respect ofDefinition 1

Example: With respect to IELTS, I’m intent on re-sitting the IELTS test to hike up my score to Band 9.0


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