Band 8 Sample for IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic: Education

Part 1 Topic: Education   

  1. What is the difference between the role of a teacher and a parent in the education of children?

I think the role of teachers is to impart knowledge and inspire students to learn. Parents, on the other hand, need to teach children how to behave properly and set an example for them to follow. If children encounter problems they should be able to consult both parents and teachers. In my country, from primary school to high school, each class is assigned a “head teacher” who would know the students very well and students can turn to this teacher for advice.

  1. What suggestions would you give to teachers to improve education?

I think each teacher has a different style of teaching which may not work well for all students. Frankly a perfect teacher doesn’t exist. However, there are two things that all teachers should aim to achieve, which are knowledge and inspiration. Teachers should be able to provide accurate knowledge and inspire students to study. The latter is sometimes very difficult but they should at least try.

  1. What is the best way to educate children in your opinion?

Children must go to school and also take part in extracurricular activities to become well-rounded people. Knowledge is important as it shapes your thinking and builds your ability to work. But interpersonal communication is just as important, so activities where children spend time together are also necessary. Hobbies are good to have too, as they keep children from being lonely.

  1. How can we help children realize their talents?

Children need to be exposed to a variety of school subjects and activities before they can know what they’re really interested in. What’s important is that when they realise they have a certain talent, they should be allowed to nurture this talent and have a career using it.

  1. Does the government provide enough support to education in your view?

There isn’t enough support yet, especially in remote areas where children don’t go to school or often drop out after a few years because the family can’t provide for them and they have to work when they reach a certain age.

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