Grammar For IELTS: Indefinite Pronouns As Subjects


Using indefinite Pronouns is always the effective way to emphasise your expression in IELTS. Today, we will learn how to use them correctly which can boost your writing score significantly.

The list below shows common indefinite pronouns. Though these pronouns often refer to more than one person or thing, they take a singular verb when they act as the subject.

every- some- any- no-
-one everyone someone anyone no one
-body everybody somebody anybody nobody
-thing everything something anything nothing

For example:

Is anyone coming to the party tomorrow night?

Something has to be done about the increasing crime rate!

If you believe in yourself, nothing is possible

Exercise: As you read the following paragraph. fill each blank with the correct form of the verb in parentheses. Be sure the verbs agree with their subjects. The first one has been done for you.

Around here, nothing (get) ___gets___ done because everybody (believe)__________ that someone else (be)________going to do the work. This is a problem because usually no one actually (do)________ the work, everyone (blame)________. When nobody (do) _________ work, everyone (blame) ________ someone else. No one (want)__________ to take responsibility. Anyone who can’t recognize this paradox probably (have {negative}) __________ much experience in the real work world.

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