Grammar For IELTS: The Common Grammars And Sentence Structures In English (Part 2)


These common grammars and sentence structures below are not only common in English but also the “useful tool” to help you improve every module in the IELTS Test. Let’s find out what they are !!!

16. to be good at/ bad at + Noun/ Verb-ingto good or bad at something or doing something

Example:                               She is very good at playing tennis.
I am bad at English.

17. by chance = by accident: by a way that is not planned or intended

Example:                              I met this dog quite by accident.
The pilot, whether by chance or design, made the plan do a sharp turn.

18. to be/get tired of + Noun/Verb-ing: bored with something, because it is no longer interesting, or has become annoying

Example:                              I was getting tired of doing a lot of Math homework.
She is tired of watching television.

19. can’t stand/ help/ bear/ resist + Noun/Verb-ing: cannot stop yourself from having something that you live very much or doing something that you want to do.

Example:                              I just can’t resist pizza.
She can’t help leaving the hospital right now.

20. to be keen on/ to be fond of + Noun/V-ing : wanting to do something or wanting something to happen very much.

Example:                              I am very keen on travelling.
She was keen on reading book.

21. to be interested in + Noun/V-ing: want to know or learn more about something

Example:                           Because I am really interested in economy, I decide to apply for the University of Economics
My father is interested in chess so he wants to enrol this course.

22. to waste + time/ money + V-ing to use money, time than is useful or sensible

Example:                           My younger brother wastes a lot of money playing video game.
She is wasting her time finding the answer.

23. To spend + amount of time/ money + Verb-ing  (To spend + amount of time/ money + on + something) to use your money or time doing somethingI spend 2 hours reading books a day.

Example:                           I spend 1-hour swimming
She is spending all of her money on fashion.

24. to give up + Verb-ing/ Noun: stop doing something, especially something that you do regularly

Example:                           Jack has decided to give up basketball at the end of this season.
After a lot of advice, she gives up her dream to become a singer.

25. would like/ want/wish + to do something: like to do something

Example:                            I would like to come to this EDM party.
My mother wish to visit England.

26. have + (something) to + Verb

Example:                            I have laptop to help me write the essay
She had a dog to watch her house.

27. It + be + something/ someone + that/ who 

Example:                             It is Jack who called you last night.
It is the dog that I saw in her house.

28. Had better + Verb (infinitive) should do something

Example:                              You had better go to the hospital
She had better have a healthy diet.

29. hate/ like/ dislike/ enjoy/ avoid/ finish/ mind/ postpone/ practise/ consider/ delay/ deny/ suggest/ risk/ keep/ imagine/ fancy + Verb-ing

Example                                I usually practise listening English everyday.
She postpones writing the conclusion for her essay.

30. It’s + adj + to + Verb-infinitive 

Example:                                It’s difficult to get a high score.

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