IDP vs. British Council: History, Differences, Nature & Important Details

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IDP vs. British Council: History, Differences, Nature & Important Details

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the IELTS test be difficult if I register via British Council?

It is the same whether you register for the IELTS test online through the official website of IDP or the site of the British Council. You'll see no change in the difficulty level of the IELTS test.

Is there any difference in the IELTS test fee if booked through IDP or British Council?

There's absolutely no difference in the IELTS test fee whether you book via IDP or British Council. But, the difference in test fees will vary from country to country. There will be no difference in the amount you will be paying through any of these websites. But what you will pay to take the IELTS test in India will be different from what you will pay to take the test in UAE.

Is the marking system different in IDP or British Council?

Of course not! The marking system in IDP is in no way different from the British Council. Your band score entirely relies upon a lot of factors, namely, --> Preparation level, --> Guidance, --> Test date, --> The exam center you chose Thus, prepare yourself with such confidence that it should reflect on your band score, and always choose a convenient exam center that will not cause any distraction.

Which should I choose, British Council or IDP?

You can book your IELTS test from either of them. But before booking for the IELTS test, make sure to follow these instructions, --> Choose a test center near your home (proximity) --> Check if the speakers or headphones are allowed in the Listening test (availability of equipment) --> Check for the convenience of the test dates and choose the test center (availability of test date). To sum up, there's no difference between IDP or British Council. You can choose anyone of them according to your convenience.

Do the IDP listening tests contain recordings with various accents, or is it no different from British Council listening tests?

The Listening tests and the other IELTS modules are created and compiled by Cambridge English Language Assessment, not by IDP or British Council. All the IELTS tests have a mixture of accents. Therefore, the aspirants are required to get used to different accents before attempting the test.

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